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The Arts Center gallery features a variety of artwork by local artists. Past exhibits have included a vast array of unique items including hand-blown glass, pottery, paintings, photography, mixed media, and much more. In addition to giving local artists more public exposure, the exhibits add another dimension of art education to the community.


David Pates Photography

  • July 3 - August 14, 2017

Retired in 2013 from college English teaching, Pates now has the time to expand, organize, and display his work. Digital camera in tote, he roams through cities and regional parks looking through the lens for surprising, amusing, mysterious, whimsical details that preoccupied pedestrians and cyclists miss. According to Pates, “reflections in plate glass windows and on water can slow you down, if you take the time. The texture of bird feathers or flower stamens can, for at least a few seconds, stop you in your tracks. Three different views of the same scene can ‘teach’, if you are curious.”

Central Luth  Mpls David Pate

Contemporary Quilters

  • December 1, 2017 - January 8, 2018

Each spring, Minnesota Contemporary Quilters are challenged to make a small quilt that will travel for a year to venues throughout the state.  An inspiration theme is given to the members from which to design a visual interpretation. This fascinating exhibit is a wonderful example of artistic creativity.

Quilters Exhibit